Monday, March 5, 2007

Investment Banking Resume Template

Resume Template

Here is an investment banking resume template. For college leavers looking for their first job, this is good enough. Tomorrow, I'll put in some personal particulars to make it a real resume sample.

Your Name ∙ (XXX) phone number
Street Address

*****Do not include career objective or profile please*****


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA – 2000 - 2004
A.B. [Concentration], [With Honors]
GPA: X.X / 4.0, (Financed X% of total college tuition.)
Academic Awards: Award #1, Award #2,
Scholarships: Scholarship #1, Scholarship #2


Goldman Sachs, New York, NY
Summer Analyst, June - September 2003
• Description
• Description

Another Investment Bank, New York, NY
Summer Intern, Division, June – August 2002
• Description
• Description


Activity #1, Title, Period of service
• Description
Activity #2, Title, Period of service
• Description


• Bloomberg, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FactSet, CapitalIQ


• Interests, hobbies, etc. – list only those that reflect your personality and be considered relevant to a banking career
• Languages spoken


Do not include ‘reference upon request’ or a ‘reference list’
No over-size fonts and colour fonts.
Do not over use effects of bold, underline or italic

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Resume Template

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