Thursday, December 10, 2009

Responding to an Investment Banking Recruitment Ad

If you are a third-year Analyst, you are ready to move on to Associate level. Of course, some move faster than others. I have clipped a recent recruitment ad for discussion.

Associates, Corporate Finance
· A Top Tier Investment Bank
· Excellent Opportunity to work with huge transactions
· Highly Competitive Remuneration
Our client is an established Capital Markets outfit, focuses on the origination of equity and equity-linked, fixed income and securitization/Asset-Backed products. They execute Initial Public Offerings, Follow-on offerings, Convertible Bonds offerings, High Grade/High Yield debt instruments, Asset/Mortgage backed securities and loans.

It is just as important that you have the confidence and credibility to build relationships with clients, and possess excellent communication skills. Not to mention that we expect you to work well both independently and effectively in a team, while exhibiting the highest commitment to integrity and ethical decision making. You also need to exhibit flexibility, adaptability, and resilience to work in a challenging environment, and can work under pressure on multiple projects.To qualify, individual must possess:

· 3-4 years relevant experience in the Banking Corporate Finance Industry
· Ability to understands deal issues / mechanics and take the lead on calls/ books / meetings
· Strong numerical and analytical skills (Logic)
· Competent Bloomberg, Power Point and Excel skills
· Proficient language skills preferably with an additional language such as Chinese (Mandarin)
· Strong team work and able to communicate well with both juniors and seniors internally and externally

Candidate with less experience will be considered as Analyst.

This ad is written by an employment agency. Some agencies write good ads, while some others write over-demanding, unrealistic requirements. This one is just fit, realistic and well written.

Client is a top tier investment bank looking for an Associate in their Corporate Finance division. When answering an ad, study the ad carefully and present yourself as exactly the person they want.

People Skills – see if you possess the qualities they request – e.g in the above ad - relationship building, communications skills, team player… Tailor your resume and cover letter to answer these needs. Actually you won’t go wrong either you are replying to an ad or proactively introducing yourself by incorporating these into your resume. Product knowledge can be trained, people skills/personality is not likely. Remember, you have to survive in a highly competitive, rigorous environment of well-qualified peers. Present yourself as a person with such abilities.

Achievements – these are what employers want to see. Make sure to present them in a way appropriate to your position. To answer this ad, describe how you have been, as a team member, contributed in client relationship building and decision making.

Up-side Potential – if you can demonstrate you are not only good at what they want you to do now, but with the potential and desire to grow, then you’ll stand out from the crowd. At the stage of a third-year analyst, you would still need a bit of extra curricular activities on your resume. It could even be better if you have leadership experience in these activities. Remember, what you do at your leisure time can help to demonstrate what kind of a person you are.

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