Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BNP Paribas Continues To Hire

For those who are in the banking business or who want to start an investment banking career, this is an encouraging news despite the recent financial turbulence. On the date when Mr. Serge FORTI appointed Chief Executive Officer Asia-Pacific for BNP Paribas Wealth Management, he made the announcement.

December 10, 2008
'We already have the list of people,' said Mr Serge Forti at a lunch meeting on Wednesday at The Tower Club.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Asia-Pacific will continue with its hiring plans despite the financial turmoil, said its newly appointed chief executive Serge Forti. BNP Paribas, France's biggest bank, has a headcount of about 300 at its wealth management unit in Singapore.
And this number is likely to rise to nearly 500 by the end of the first quarter of next year, Mr Forti said.

Of the new additions, about 30 will be senior relationship managers, each with over five years of experience and each bringing with him at least US$200 million in assets.

'We already have the list of people,' said Mr Forti at a lunch meeting on Wednesday at The Tower Club.
Source: Strait Times

More New About BNP Paribas

December 4, 2008
BNP Paribas named ‘Global Bank of the Year' by The Banker magazine

October 24, 2008
BNP Paribas has won two of the most sought-after awards at this year's AsiaRisk Awards

October 13, 2008
BNP Paribas rebrands its private banking business BNP Paribas Wealth Management and strengthens its organization

October 9, 2008
BNP Paribas is named as one of the world's safest banks

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Resume Tips

I receive an interesting article from Jimmy Sweeney. It is not investment banking focused, but it contains very practical and useful tips in writing a resume, which every job seeker should benefit from. I have Jimmy’s permission to reprint his article here. Please enjoy reading.

Spice Up Your 2009 Resume Now…Add This Little Gem

From Times Square in New York City to Tiananmen Square in Bejing City, people will be ringing in the new year with a glass of cheer, a toast, a song, a display of fireworks. And the following day they'll dive into 2008 with new dreams, goals, resolutions, and commitments for the months ahead.

What will yours be? Perhaps among your goals is an exciting new job. To make that a reality, however, you'll need to brush up your resume or better yet, create a fresh one.

But don't just list your previous jobs and responsibilities,
important as they are.

Add a bit of spice! Include a section that focuses on your good will, your volunteer work, and your acts of kindness in your previous work place, church, and community.

Such activities often say more about you than your professional profile. For example, consider how valuable you'd be to a company as a department manager or sales trainer if the hiring manager read in your resume that you managed a group of lay leaders who banded together to put up housing for the poor in Mexico. Imagine how well you'd be thought of for spending one day a month teaching homeless men a skill they can use in the workforce.

The virtue of kindness is sorely lacking in our society today, but it is one that is valued and appreciated when it is expressed.

How can you share this cup of kindness in a resume without sounding self-satisfied or arrogant? Here are some workable ideas that may spark some of your own.

1. Place a headline at the top of the section of your resume reserved for these activities. Example: Community Affairs Volunteer Work

2. State the name of the organization, your responsibilities, and the relevant dates. Example: Edgewater Young Adult Club, taught basic life skills, goal-setting, and personal hygiene to impoverished youth, monthly starting in January 2006 to the present.

3. Describe how your volunteer work relates to the job you are seeking. Example: My work with youth has prepared me to train, lead, and motivate salesmen and women to serve others, not merely sell. By building relationships with the young men and women of this club I learned the value of interpersonal relationships, networking, and common courtesy toward others––skills that can increase the bottom line of your company and improve employee-customer relations.

A well-worded statement such as this will show the hiring manager what kind of person you are, where your values lay, and the level of integrity you operate with when you engage with people on the job and in the community.

If your objective is to land a job interview, what could be more important than harnessing the reader's attention with your ability to do the work and exercise kindness toward others at the same time.

Spice up your resume with a cup of kindness––and see your new year's resolution come to pass––an interview with the hiring manager of the firm you want to join.

© Written By Jimmy Sweeney

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Investment Banking Dictionary

Current Turbulence
The recent turbulence is really no good for our money. One email that has been circulated among us in the investment banking world described how Wall Street CEOs’ and other investment gurus’ wealth had shrunk. If you loss money in the market, you are not the only person, the world is suffering.

Two things I would want to remind you. There is a life cycle for everything. Market is slow now, but it won’t be slow forever. Though some bankers lost their jobs, but star bankers are always sought after. If you are good, you are always wanted.

The slow market is obviously responsible for the reduced number of graduates being hired by investment banks. In a slow market, best thing to do is to enhance our knowledge and have us better equipped.

Everybody should have at least two dictionaries, one at home and one at work. In fact you should need one more online dictionary. Either you are working in an investment bank or any other financial services companies, a finance focused online dictionary is a very practical tool. For me I always check Investopedia. It might not be the best, but it is quite comprehensive and provides a quick reference of many finance terms.

Couple of the most recent highly searched terms are P/E Ratio and Warren Buffett. You might want to check them out and see if you are happy with the results.

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