Thursday, March 1, 2007

Investment Banking Resume Writing

Investment Banking Resume Writing - Blog Objectives

The goal of this blog is to introduce resume writing skills for investment banking jobs.

The mission of this blog is to help undergraduates and young bankers to build a successful investment banking career.

How much a young investment banker can make? Well, one of my candidates who is a hedge fund manager, made US$4 million in 2006, at the age of 29.

How senior can a young investment banker be? Well, Anthony Clake became the partner of Marshall Wace, a UK hedge fund, at the age of 25.

Do you want to be a successful young investment banker? The first step is to enhance your resume writing skills. And this blog is set up for you.

Resume Writing for Investment Banking Jobs
My name is Anna. I have been working for a global headhunting firm in the past eight years. We do only the most senior recruits for investment banks worldwide. Therefore, young bankers are usually not in my company’s radar. However I would want to make use of my knowledge in resume writing to help young people to build their investment banking career.

Investment banking is not only a job, it creates wealth, makes you outperform your peers and eventually leads to early retirement and a lifestyle that you desire.

Your investment banking career all starts with resume writing – a resume that lands you the first IB job. Actually a cover letter, the resume itself and interviewing skills are all in a row towards the same goal. Therefore I am going to cover all these topics in my iBankingresumes blog.

As a professional IB headhunter, I am not going to tell you general guidelines of resume writing, but things that hiring managers are actually looking for in the real world of investment banking.

If you’ve already started your investment banking career and are planning for your next steps, this blog is also for you. Read other bankers’ stories and set a target for yourself.

If you are an experienced banker however didn’t had an interview in the past 10 years, you might want to refresh your interviewing skills from reading my blog.

Enjoy iBankingresumes blog and share your thoughts with me.

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