Monday, June 16, 2008

Sample Thank You Letter

A good thank you letter not only conveys the message of ‘thank you’. It is a powerful tool to further enhance your candidacy. In the case of an entry level investment banking candidate, it is also a way to show your maturity and how well you can deal with people relation.

Here is a sample thank you letter that impresses us all. My boss like its style, I like its sincerity and personal touch. The author even very skillfully push us on timeline in a very friendly however persuasive manner. Though it is from a experienced headhunter’s candidate, it is also a good sample for entry level candidates. Observe these important elements of a thank you letter while reading:

* Style
* Sincere
* Personal


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I enjoyed our interview and was especially pleased to learn more about how you came to choose your particular career path.

As I mentioned to Sam, ABC Company (my firm) seems like a wonderful place for congenial professionals to work. Till now, when I looked at career opportunities my thoughts would be; "is this a right move," "will this help build my resume," "will this propel me to a bigger role next time around." But during our interview, I kept getting the feeling that I would fit in well, contribute, learn a lot and be happy here. The sentiment was more of becoming a part of a family than just searching for the next big step.

I would very much like to be considered as a candidate and will be happy to provide more information to help you make your decision. I do need a favor, as mentioned I am currently being considered for a regional role in South East Asia; this will be finalizing within the next three months, and once committed it would be very hard to switch my answer. So if ABC Company could be mindful of this timeline while scheduling the selection process I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again for the time you took from your busy schedule.

Use the above as a backbone and write a thank you letter to the hiring manager of one of your recent investment banking interviews.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best Sample Resume – Career Change

I am trying to convince this candidate for a career change, as I need an REIT banker and this resume looks perfect.

If you are considering a career change to become an investment banker, compare your resume with this.

I love this resume, as this is one of the most outstanding resumes I have ever seen. I am sure many investment banks are happy to consider him as an REIT banker. This resume is just one page. I’ve even short-listed his major achievements only.

Please note all names are dummies.

Henry Headhunter
One line address and contact email/phone

CAREER HISTORYMNC Group plc (Revenues: £3.1bn; employees: 16,000) 1998 – present

Global Head of Property Markets – London (2 years)
* Founder of, the global information service for the real estate investment professionals; applied innovative product development methods; 12,000 professionals from 6,000 organizations in 100 countries registered for the service in 12 months after early launch

* Built a new global business for MNC; conceived the “Global MNC Real Estate” idea, then took it through initial internal venture funding, to the launch and integration with the core business

Head of Corporate Strategy Group – New York (4 years)
* Led and facilitated a range of strategy projects that contributed to the MNC turnaround and growth story. Participated in the reorganization team 2003-2005 and growth strategy team 2005-2006; the Company turned losses of £205m in 2002 into profits of £452m in 2005, share price recovered by more than 400%

* Served the Group Management Committee and the Board of Directors as the main internal clients; reported to a CEO-1 executive

Manager, Strategic Planning Group – London (1 year)
Led a range of internal management consulting projects. Created the Economic Model of the Global Finance Industry with McKinsey, modeling 30 finance businesses, their individual value chains and flows of funds

European Graduate Program in Business Management – Europe (2 years)
Selected to the group of 15 graduates for a MNC pan-European rotational management training program, split into international assignments in Germany and Russia in sales, support and finance

MBA – INSEAD (2007)
MSc – Management & Marketing (with honors), Prague University (1998)

Native German, fluent English, Polish, French, conversational Russian and Spanish

Holder of International Master in Fencing Title since 1993; Champion of German under 20 in 1992 and under 16 in 1991.

Anna Maria’s Resume Critique

Henry’s resume speaks for himself and he doesn’t need to write long. His resume is not only outstanding in terms of work history, he has also demonstrated his very talented resume writing skills. In terms of format, it is clean, tidy and easy to read. In terms of content, he has highlighted his achievements in a short and precise way. Certainly he has had lots of achievements that made him walk fast on his career path, but he has only listed those that are most interested to hiring managers.

As I have reiterated in my blog, the first day you start your first full time job, you should aim at building a resume/career history like Henry’s. Look for some good quality internship or graduate program should be one of your primary targets during your undergraduate years.

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