Thursday, November 19, 2009

Investment Banking Classes


I just browsed this website with great interest. For those who are not yet hired, but want to pursue an investment banking career, you might want to check out the training classes offered by Investment Banking Institute.

Investment Banking Institute (IBI) employs 10 investment bankers who have worked for some of Wall Street's most respected firms, each having between 5 and 15 years of I-Banking and Private Equity or Hedge Fund expertise. Moreover, each of their bankers have, at some point in their careers, been an instrumental part of the training programs and hiring process in the banks they worked for. I've browsed their bios, and they are well qualified individuals.

· Investment Banking (Boutique, Mid-Market, and Bulge-Bracket)
· Private Equity
· Hedge Funds
· Equity Research (Buy-Side and Sell-Side)
· Asset Management

· Corporate Finance and Strategy
· Private Wealth Management

CLASS FORMAT: There are 8 sessions and each is 3.5 hours long for a total of 28 hours of in-class live training. Classes are available in 11 cities in the Americas and 4 in Europe.

What interests me most is one-on-one resume revision and mock interviews with industry professionals (including common interview questions) during and after course completion.

The Investment Banking Institute is registered with the CFA Institute as an Approved Provider of continuing education programs. This program is eligible for 24.5 CE credit hours as granted by the CFA Institute. If you are a CFA Institute member, CE credit for your attendance at this event will be automatically recorded in your CE Diary.

CLASS FEE: ?? I am unable to find out in the IBI website. You might have to email them and check it out.

Investment Banking Classes

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Investment Banking Resumes Guidelines

My blog is approaching three years. I receive one question recently: The world is changing, will your resume guidelines be changed? Good question. I quickly browsed through my older posts and review them. Yes the world is changing, but there are things that never change, such as the sun won't rise from the west. Likewise for investment banking.

100-year old shop Lehman Brothers shut down, but the basic requirements for an investment banking resume won't change. You will always need an error-free, clean and tidy resume, in terms of layout and format. In terms of content, you will always need to present precisely your skills and achievements in a way that your future employer believe that you will bring contribution to them. These are the big rules that will never change.

The one-page length is somehow debatable. Depends on the experience you have, two pages as a maximum is acceptable. However for entry to mid level roles, I would still insist that one page is the perfect length. I've once presented a CEO's one-page resume. If a CEO with 30 years of experience can write a one-page resume, anyone in this world can.

Strategies to Shorten Your Resume

Anything 10 years or longer from now can be simplified. If you are a regional manager now, no one will care how you perform as an audit clerk some 20 years ago. You may write a line like this: 20 years audit and accounting experience started 1976 as an audit clerk at ABC Company. Details of early career available on request.

Focus on your most recent 10 years of experience, (could be one, two or three jobs), depends on how long you stay with each job and how relevant those experience are to your prospective employer.

For experienced job seekers, anything else can be omitted, except education which can be simplied. You need only to list your degree, college and year of graduation. GPA, major/minor, extra cirricular activities are not required.

Try these and see if you can craft a one-page resume for yourself.

Amazing Cover Letter
Amazing Resume Creator

Investment Banking Resumes