Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Investment Banking Interview III

Investment Banking Interview – Questions Frequently Asked

Resume and Personality Questions

Here are some typical investment banking interview questions about your resume and personality. Be prepared to explain every line on your resume. Remember these are mainly set for entry level or junior positions. You would expect additional challenges while interviewing for senior positions.

  1. What made you choose your undergraduate institution? Why did you pursue a major in _____?
  2. What other business school did you apply to? Which ones accepted you? Why did you choose Stanford? (I just use Stanford as an example)
  3. What was your favorite class at Stanford so far? Why?
  4. What classes are you currently taking to get ready for the summer?
  5. Are you a leader or a follower? Give me an example where you were successful in both roles?
  6. Who has influenced you the most, besides family members?
  7. Say you are at a meeting with a client and your MD is giving a presentation. You suddenly notice a mistake in some of the calculations, which you have prepared. Do you mention it? When? What do you say?
  8. Why should I take you instead of someone from Wharton?
  9. What is one skill that you think is most relevant to banking?
  10. Why are you interested in banking?
  11. How would your peers describe you? How would you characterize yourself in the group dynamic? If I spoke with your peers, what would they say you needed to improve?
  12. What do you read? What's your favorite book?
  13. As an associate, what tasks would you like to spend most of your time doing? What percent of each day do you see yourself spending on those tasks?
  14. What is in a pitch book?
  15. Be prepared to answer questions related to your accomplishments and/or failure experiences, at school, at work or at life.
  16. Be prepared to answer questions on your strengths and weaknesses.

Tomorrow, we'll look at another set of investment banking interview questions.

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Investment Banking Interview

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