Friday, March 9, 2007

Amazing Resume Cover Letter

Jimmy Sweeney’s Amazing Cover Letters
Lands the Exact Job Interviews You Desire

Comparing with Jimmy Sweeney, I am just a newbie in writing resume cover letters. In the past eight years as a headhunter, I dealt with investment banking resumes and cover letters intensively. However Jimmy has 23 years experience in writing result-focused sales letters.

Jimmy’s ebook Amazing Cover Letters dominates the number one best selling position among Clickbank’s marketplace on employment. FYI, Clickbank is the largest online information seller. All products are subject to immediate download after you made a payment.

With my tips on resume cover letter writing tailored for investment banking jobs, plus Jimmy’s help to write in an appropriate tone, you are going to be busy with the job interviews you desire.

Jimmy writes sales letters for a living. He has been writing the world’s most effective cover letters for thousands of thrilled men and women all over the world. He is currently the President/CEO of a unique marketing and advertising company located in California.

According to Jimmy, it is easy for job-seekers to stand out from the crowd in any field, landing the exact job interviews they desire if they had the properly-worded resume cover letter.

The main focus was to get the hiring managers to say to themselves, “hmmm, I want to meet this person. I like the tone of this letter… it’s straight to the point…I’m going to book an interview right now.”

His amazing cover letters had brought extraordinary results to thrilled clients worldwide, from college graduates to top level executives and everywhere in between.

To use his amazing cover letter creator is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Point and click to choose the type of cover letter – hot, cold or other.
2. Point and click to choose the size of applicant job pool – large, medium or small.
3. Point and click to choose the amount of experience you have – yes, little or no.

Finally, you will personalize and customize your amazing cover letter step-by-step, quickly and easily using Jimmy’s powerfully-written sentences.

It is important that you customize your letter. Hiring managers can tell if you are using a canned letter from a library book.

Investment bankers want to hire outstanding people with good education and appropriate skill sets. However creativity is also highly desired. Make sure your resume cover letter is a good representation of yourself.

Check to meet Jimmy Sweeney and his Amazing Cover Letters.

Resume Cover Letter

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