Monday, September 24, 2007

Sample Resume – CEO Level

Quite frequently I receive outstanding resumes from candidates of non investment banking background. Here is one. I am shame that I can’t get him a job, because he is not a banker. However I am sure his next move is a CEO role.

I don’t always grade a resume as a sample resume, as there are lots of criteria to fulfil. David’s resume is one of my most admired non-banking resumes. Read it and come back tomorrow. I’ll tell you why. In the long run, I hope all my readers will work towards building a similar resume for themselves.

David Smith

University of Sydney, Australia - 1996
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, completed with Distinction average

University of Queensland, Australia - 1987
Bachelor of Science, Double major in Chemistry and Mathematics
First Class Honours

Language: English, Mandarin, Spanish
Date of Birth: July 1, 1968
Interests: Reading, surfing, wine, traveling, photography
Family: Married, with three children

Famous Exhibitions, China/Australia, 1998 – present
2005 – present: President, Greater China
Based in Shanghai with responsibilities for Famous Exhibitions Greater China.
• In charge of the XXX/YYY JV, XXX/ZZZ JV and FE offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.
• Total of 325 staff, 45 exhibitions annually
• Board Director of Famous Exhibitions, Famous YYY and Famous ZZZ
• Full P/L and balance sheet responsibility
• Responsible for M&A activities in China
• Responsible for integration processes, culture development, training program, Corporate PR program, succession planning, localization of management, implementation of corporate policy etc.

2002 – 2005: Managing Director, Australia
• Responsible for a staff of 198, 22 exhibitions
• Full P/L and balance sheet responsibility

2001 – 2002: Divisional Director, Australia
• Responsible for staff of 95
• Responsible for management of consumer, mining, manufacturing and printing events

1998 – 2001: Exhibition Director, Australia
• Responsible for staff of 18
• Responsible for management of mining, manufacturing and printing events
• Received the Famous Exhibitions Chairman’s award in 2001.

Famous Chemicals, Australia, 1990 – 1998
1996 – 1998: Commercial Manager
Reported to the Managing Director and was a Management Committee role. Total business turnover being A$70M per annum.
• Sales and Marketing manpower management, planning and development (Total of 12 sales and marketing Staff)
• Development of the 3-Year Operating Plan and implementing growth strategies
• Management of annual sales, cost centre budgets and the National Customer Service Office.

1995 – 1996: Product Manager, Chemicals and Catalysts
• To manage all commercial facets of the two product groups in the Australasia markets
• Successfully managed the merger of the XXX and YYY chemicals businesses in Australia. Turnover being A$7M with 50 products involved

1993 – 1995: Product Manager, Personal Care
• Business grew from A$200K per annum to A$3.5M
• Doubled personal care sales in a six-month period

1991 – 1993: Account Manager, All Product Areas

Macquarie Explosives, Australia, 1989 – 1991
1990 – 1991: Marketing Officer
1989 – 1990: Graduate Marketing Trainee

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