Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Best Investment Banks – Citibank and Anthony Leung

Why is it Important to Start Your Banking Career at One of The Best Investment Banks?

If you start your career at a good place, your future is almost guaranteed, provided you do well. Therefore, ‘good’ or ‘best’ to some extent is related to ‘size’. If the bank is big enough, there are enough opportunities for you to learn and grow within the same organization without having to jump ship every now and then.

Few people plan to stay with their first employer for 23 years, but if opportunities are there, you’ll just naturally stay. Anthony Leung is a typical example of such.

Anthony joined Citibank in Hong Kong from university in 1973. He was a management trainee to start with. Before 40, he was Citigroup’s number one man in Asia.

Throughout his period with Citibank, he had chances to rotate among various departments. With the intensive training, he knows who’s doing what at every corner in the bank and get to know how to manage an investment bank. Before he left in 1996, he was the head of investment banking and head of private banking at Citigroup in Asia. He then became the chairman of Asia for JPMorgan Chase.

Anthony Leung – Bio

1952 – Born
1973 – Bachelor of Social Science, University of Hong Kong
1973 – 1996 Citibank, from currency trader to head of investment banking in Asia

1982 – Program for Management Development, Harvard Business School
1999 – Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School
1996 – 2001 JPM Chase – Asia Pacific Chairman
2001 – 2003 Financial Secretary of Hong Kong (read more)
2002 – Married to Olympic diving queen Fu Mingxia (read more)

2007 – present - Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group

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