Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Investment Banking Resume Template

I am recently searching for a head of fund management. This is a very senior position. Most of my candidates are very good at their businesses, very good at managing money and very good at managing people. Unfortunately some of them are unable to produce even a one-page resume for themselves. In terms of writing an investment banking resume, you as a fresh graduate, could be more capable, if you were my blog reader. I ended up have to write resumes for those candidates.

Headhunters make money out of placing candidates, so you must be confident with their resume writing skills. I am here to make resume writing easy for everyone, especially those who are looking for jobs in the investment banking field. Either you are looking for senior or entry level positions, you would need to write a resume if you are in the job market looking for opportunities.

Here is a template I use. I use it to write resumes for candidates whose income packages are in 7-digit US dollars. Of course I’ve modified it for my young graduate blog readers. If you were an experienced banker, just omit the ‘activities’ section and move ‘education’ to below ‘experience’.

Resume Template for Young Investment Bankers

Candidate Name
One line address
Telephone number (with voice mail service)

2007 Name of University, City, Country
Degree, Subject, GPA: xxx, First Class Honour / Dean’s List … etc
* Coursework description
2006 Name of Course (by scholarship??)
Institute/University, City, Country
2007 Type of Scholarship
2007 Any other Academic Achievement

Company Name, Location City, 2006 - 2007
Title, Department
Job description

Company Name, Location City, 2006
Title, Department
Job description

Company Name, Location City, 2005
Title, Department
Job description

2006 Activities at university
2005 Activities at the public, volunteer work etc.

Language: Native English, fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, basic Italian
Software: Word, Powerpoint, Excel
Work 4-8 hours/week to partially finance education without loans (2004-2007) – replace this by any other money-related facts that will present you as a unique and outstanding young individual.

Give Your Resume a Professional Look & Feel (L&F)
Resume writing tips from Anna Maria D’Souza

The other day, one of my blog readers asked me to do a resume critique for him. The content of his resume was actually very good. However he just lacked a professional layout to capture the hiring manager’s interest in reading. His resume was full of different fonts and sizes, effects like bold, CAP, italic, underline and all kinds of symbols ►. Proper use of effects is a powerful tool to capture your reader’s attention, but over use of them will only spoil your resume.

Though good L&F won’t guarantee success, bad L&F loses readers quickly. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Good resumes have one thing in common, simplicity. Make it your mantra.

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Resume Template

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