Monday, May 26, 2008

Where Do I Fit In An Investment Bank?

Many might ask where I should start my investment banking career. There are various divisions within a bank and yet you might feel uncertain of where to start. Goldman Sachs, as one of the most admired employers from Wall Street, has designed a quiz to help you analyze and have a better understanding of yourself.

You would have to answer 12 questions which have no right or wrong answers. The quiz is informal and has no impact on their hiring decisions, as results won’t be retained. Objective of the quiz is just to help find out where you fit in.

Where Do I Fit In

Investment Banking Career

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Where's the gains? said...
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Dustin W said...

What a valuable tool, thanks for posting that. I am a recent graduate in Finance and still am unsure where I will fit in. I really want a trading job but I don't think I can handle the chaotic nature of it.

I am glad to find your site Anna. Was surprised (well, not that surprised) to see that you are in Hong Kong. I moved here recently here with my finacee and am looking for an entry-level positions in IB. I have not had any luck so far.

Are you still offering free resume critique? Would you mind taking a look at mine? I don't know if I have a chance, as I don't speak Cantonese fluently and I don't have past IB experience.

Anna Maria D'Souza said...


There are many qualities that iBankers look for. Cantonese is definitely not a prerequisite. Therefore, don't worry, fluent English more important.

I only do free resume critique to those who has less than three years experience and can send me a one-page resume which is strictly conformed to my resume guidelines in this blog. When you are done, send me your email address and I'll contact you. But please note that I might not reply if you do not meet these two criteria.

Dustin W said...

Thanks for the response Anna.

I have exactly 3 years work experience all what I did at the university.

I have looked through all your past entries and have conformed my resume to your guidelines.

My email is

I really appreciate your effort.

Apeksha said...

hi anna,

I am graduate in management studies from India. I want to pursue a career in investment banking. however i am facing a problem as regards to openings at entry level i. banking jobs in india. All the i.banks that have the graduate programs do not really hire people from india for this programs who have only a bachelors degree. however i would really like to work for a few years in an i bank before moving onto my masters.

can you please help out with any suggestions for this? i am also pursuing my CFA. your help will be most appreciated.

Anna Maria D'Souza said...


India is an important country in the emerging markets. As far as I know, DSP Merrill Lynch and HSBC are very active there. If you search in the internet for "best investment bank emerging markets", you would come up with names like UBS, Credit Suisse which are also good places to start. Just for your info, the career site of DSP ML is
The other career sites are listed on the right hand side of this blog. You can search according to region, job area and level of experience. Browse through the 'Top Employers' section of my blog will give you some additional highlights. If you want to develop a long term IB career, please be sure to look for a good place to start.