Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Investment Banking Resume – Long vs Short

Today I receive a resume of 9 pages. This reminds me of one question – is long resume better than short? In terms of investment banking resume, I always go for short.

Many people believe that resumes have to be as detailed as possible. Yes, it has to be detailed, but it does not need to be long. If you are writing to an investment bank, a one-page resume is perfect. Many people found it difficult to write everything on one page. Yes, it is difficult, but it is possible. If I tell you even a CEO with 33 years of experience can write a one-page resume, will you insist to write long?

I have asked one of my CEO candidates to put together his resume on one page, he made it one page and one paragraph. If a CEO resume can be short, why should a young banker’s resume be long? Frankly, bankers don’t want to, and don’t have time to go through a 9-page resume. If you want your resume to be read in details, please make it short.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the one-page CEO resume and you can use it as a sample to craft your own investment banking resume.

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