Thursday, January 10, 2008

Investment Banking Resume Critique

Here is my resume critique for the CEO resume that I posted yesterday.


Length – just right. This is a CEO level resume, two pages is well acceptable.
Layout – clean and tidy, a perfect look & feel. Author is clever enough as to bold only the years and locations. It is easy for readers to find out when he was doing what at where.
Content – focus on achievements and career progression.

Areas Needed Improvement

Contact info – author has yet to include his phone and email
Academic qualifications – though not completely necessary, it is always good to list the year of graduation as well as the location of the universities. (In this particular resume, author didn’t list the college locations, as he has assumed everyone knows where London, Stanford and Boston are).

Summary Assessment

As a CEO, author does not go into details of each of his previous positions. Instead he summaries all his major achievements in a very straightforward and no non-sense manner. The whole resume represents a CEO’s vision and the qualities of a person in a leadership role. Author does not need to tell that he has strategic thinking and good writing skills, the way he writes this resume speaks for himself.

Useful Phrases

I have cited a number of sample sentences that is always useful in any resume writing exercise. Analyze these sentence structures and try to write yours in a similar tone.

I became closely involved in building up the international network and spent a substantial amount of time in the foreign offices, a.o. in New York, setting up the office in Los Angeles in 1982.

Following my role as one of the key people in building BNP’s prime position in Latin America in the 1980s,……

From the beginning of 2000 till June 2002 I was the Global Head e-Business for BNPP’s directly reporting to the Executive Board and responsible for initiating and coordinating BNPP’s strategy on e-enabling integrated financial services on a worldwide basis…….

More resume writing skills from Jimmy Sweeney

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Eagles_dont_flok said...

Hi Anna,
My name is Sridhar Reddy and i intend to pursue investment banking career.At present i have n such experience. As per your guidelines,i made a one page CV. Will you be kind enough to have a look at it? I would like to send it to you. Would you mind sharing your emaail id?
Sridhar reddy

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

You have over six years of experience, and do not qualify for my free resume critique service.

Jeb said...


I am considering i-banking but probably don't have the background. Would you be willing to look at my resume? If the answer is yes, you can contact me via e-mail me through my blogger profile as I do not wish to publicly post my non-blogger e-mail. Thanks so much.


SHB said...

Sridher and Anna,

I wanted to tell you about this great site I found for resume critique:

Maybe you would find it useful for your resume critique service. It's worth a try.


t1n26 said...
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Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Hi No Name Reader

Review my resume samples and I am sure you can make it one page.

t1n26 said...
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Anna Maria D'Souza said...


Send me your email address and I'll contact you.

t1n26 said...
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