Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Investment Banking Resume Sample - CEO Level

As promised, this is the one-page CEO investment banking resume. Please note all names are dummies. You can come back tomorrow and view my resume critique.


Academic qualifications
- London Economic School
- International Senior Management Program at Stanford University
- MBA, University of Boston (magna cum laude)

Present position at BNP
CEO of BNP Paribas which involves the management of the insurance and wealth management activities in Asia Pacific region, directly reporting to the Executive Board of BNP.

Summary previous positions at BNP
I started my career with BNP (in those days called Paribas) in 1974 in the risk management area, first at a local office and shortly thereafter at the foreign division of head office.

I became closely involved in building up the international network and spent a substantial amount of time in the foreign offices, a.o. in New York, setting up the office in Los Angeles in 1982.

From 1984 - 1990, I was appointed General Manager for Argentina, leading the country’s operations and helping to develop its leading position in Emerging Market Banking.

Following my role as one of the key people in building BNP’s prime position in Latin America in the 1980s, I repatriated to BNP’s head office in Paris to take up the position of General Manager BNP (and was subsequently appointed CEO in 1991), establishing BNP’s well known franchise in Emerging Market Banking.

Under my leadership, BNP received several awards including “Best Bank in Emerging Markets” and “Best Bank in Central & Eastern Europe”, in addition to a large number of country awards.

After the merger of and integration with Paribas in 1994, I became Member of the Executive Committee BNP Paribas (Corporate and Investment Banking in London/Paris) and in that capacity I acted as Global Head of BNP’s Network.

From the beginning of 2000 till June 2002 I was the Global Head e-Business for BNPP’s directly reporting to the Executive Board and responsible for initiating and coordinating BNPP’s strategy on e-enabling integrated financial services on a worldwide basis. BNPP Direct (today the world’s largest internet bank) represented one of BNPP’s key initiatives in this area.

From mid 2002, I became Managing Director for a group of countries in Asia/Pacific, while in beginning of 2003 I was appointed as CEO BNPP Asia/Pacific, based in Hong Kong.

Other Functions:
- Non-Executive Board Member of Korea Bank (Korea’s largest bank)
- Member of the International Advisory Council of the Farmer’s Bank, Beijing
- Member of the Global Advisory Council of University of Boston
- Various board seats for BNP related companies

Main achievements:
- Build the Emerging Market franchise for BNPP in the 80s and 90s
- Key person in the acquisition of the first privatized bank in Central Europe, Bank Sewaroski, Poland
- Key person in the acquisition of one the best bank privatized in China, Farmer’s. (recent IPO resulted ‘book profit’ of over EURO 2 bi; 12 x investment)

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Resume Sample


eric said...


I am an undergraduate student with a passion for financial markets and have found your blog to be incredibly helpful on a number of levels. Flattery aside, I was wondering if you could shoot me an email and take a look at my resume. I have done my best to follow your format. My email is



Sam said...


HI! I Conform to your criteria specified in the blog, am determined to get into Ibanking, and would like a resume critique.

How can i contact you?


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Peter said...

Hi Anna,

Found your blog recently and have been reading it earnestly. I'm a junior in college and want to enter banking badly to pay off my sore student loans. I would greatly appreciate a resume critique-I swear it is only 1 page.

My e-mail is

Please contact me.

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