Thursday, October 18, 2007

Young Investors Educating Other Young People to Invest

Today I want to introduce three successful young investors – who have the same mission – educating other teenagers to invest.

What Were You Doing at the Age of 14?
Other than going to school, Chris Stallman (22), Dan Schuster (21) and Danny Miliaresis (19) were also investing. Other than that, they even establish to educate other teens to invest.

This is not an easy task at all. I am completely impressed by the job done by these three young men.

About and the Teen Trio
In April 1999, three teenagers from Bourbonnais, Illinois decided to create a print newsletter that would educate teens about the stock market… Now in its fifth year, has helped educate over 600,000 young investors (and adults) across the country.

Take a look at the teen trio’s bios.
Chris Stallman
Dan Schuster
Danny Miliaresis

Your Own Investment vs Investment Banking Career
Get to know about investing is no better than getting hands-on investment experience. If you aim at building an investment banking career, start investing as early as you can. Make yourself a successful young investor before you step into any position in an investment bank. If you don’t want to risk your money, take a look at the Summer Stock Contest.

TeenAnalyst Summer Stock Contest
TeenAnalyst has a
Summer Stock contest which runs from April 10th until August 31st. The person with the highest return will have themselves featured on their website!

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TeenAnalyst Resume Writing Tips
If you are writing your investment banking resume, you should read the TeenAnalyst’s tips in addition to my tips in this blog.

I like their style – short, precise and direct to the point. Though they are not fully investment banking focused, it will certainly add value to your resume writing.

* Stress Your Strengths
* Make it Neat
* Keep it Reasonably Short
* Always Include Your Contact Information

Recommended Career Tools
These career tools are seriously short-listed by Anna Maria D'Souza for those who serious want to start an investment banking career.

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Amazing Resume Creator

Secret Career Document
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