Saturday, October 6, 2007

Build An Investment Banking Career – Start Young

Some investment bankers are very good at investing, but they don’t care to or they don’t know how to tell/educate others to invest.

There is an unusual talent, whom not only start investing before his teenage, he even thought of educating other young people to do so. And he did it successfully.

Be a Successful Young Investor
Whether you decide to work for investment banks or for yourself, getting your feet wet on investment is an important step. The earlier to start, the better. Get yourself acquainted to the market will highly add value to your resume as well as during an interview.

About Michael Stahl and StreetSage
Michael is a seasoned young investor who began investing in the 4th grade. At 22, he became widely respected for his knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship. Mike founded the StreetSage in July 2001 with a mission of "To improve financial literacy among young adults through novel approaches of practical, interactive education."

Michael Stahl and StreetSage have been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Mike has appeared on CNN/fn and Bloomberg Financial Television, and was even interviewed in Investor's Business Daily and Business Week, for the company’s pioneering work in financial education.

More about the successful young investor – Michael Stahl

Investment Game Blueprint
In 2001, when Michael studied in the dorm room of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he was committed to finding interesting and enjoyable ways to educate his peers about investments.

Since then the concept has been blueprinted and designed to provide the first teaching tool to accurately illustrate the virtues of long-term investing using a 25-year game-simulation.

Challenge: Turn $10,000 into $100,000 in less than three months
Sound tough? It’s not in the world of StreetSage. That’s because StreetSage is a virtual stock market that simulates 25 years of investing in only 10 weeks.

As a StreetSage investor, you’ll make decisions based on realistic information with realistic results, and you’ll have plenty of time to build wealth… or not. Either way, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about picking, holding, and selling stocks. The experience will serve you well when it’s time to put your own money to work making more in the real world market.
Source: StreetSage

Thought of the Day for Young Investors
From Anna Maria D’Souza

If you don’t want to risk your money, play the free StreetSage game.

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You don’t have to start as a big-cap investor, Michael Stahl (CEO of StreetSage) started with his little family gift; Tim Sykes (Founder of Cilantro Fund) started with his Bar Mitzvah money. The multi-million dollar fund for the Paradise for Senior Citizens in Finland started with 780 Nokia shares.

Young Investor


Sofia said...

This was good info and just what I was looking for. Could I email you another questions offline and perhaps you could steer me in the right direction?

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

What is your email address? And would you mind to post your question here, so other readers can share our thoughts?


keke said...

Hello Anna , I ve read through you blog and i want to thank you for producing a site full of valuable information in the world of investment banking . I am a graduate in msc management and i am interested in going into investment banking . i dont have any experience in the field but i have an BSC IN APPLIED ACCOUNTING , i was also thinking of taking the cfa exams in december next yr . Im not just sure where ill fit in in the investment banking world. im seriously thinking of corporate finance would u recommend that i do an msc?

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

MSC is highly desired by investment banks. But I thought you 'graduate in msc management' already. If you haven't, please go for it, as well as the CFA. Investment banks have plenty of entry-level jobs. Check the career sites on the right hand side of this blog, and see if there are any corporate finance jobs. IB wants smart young talents, no need to worry about experience, as they'll train you. What you need is to target a 'best IB' and craft a 'best CV'.

If you don't have an MSC yet, no need to hurry, many candidates chose to gain a couple of years of expereince before going on a master degree.