Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Investment - Start Young

I am not the only one in favour of the idea of ‘start investing young’.

Many believe that starting young will lead to a better quality life financially, which is true. I believe in starting young because it is an important step in building an investment banking career.

Young Investor – When to start?
According to
James Glassman, start young is good, at birth is nice. I come across one of his articles in which he describes the seven rules for investing young. The most predominant factor is ‘to start young’.

Investment – What are the Benefits of Starting Young?
If you start young and have the right strategy, you don’t really have to worry about money in your life.

If you start young and get to know the market well ahead of your peers, you have a competitive advantage when starting an investment banking career.

If you start young, you don’t necessarily have to work for others. Like Tim Sykes, Michael Stahl and the TeenAnalyst trio, they are the bosses of themselves even before graduating.

If you start young, you are on the track to retire young and retire rich.

Investment Banking Career – Best to Start Young
Of course not at birth, however the younger the better. Though there are rare cases that some successful investment bankers didn’t start young and didn’t come from a related educational background, it is important that you get yourself acquainted to the market and make your investment banking resume unique and outstanding.

Are you set to build an investment banking career?

Recommended Career Tools
These career tools are seriously short-listed by Anna Maria D'Souza for those who serious want to start an investment banking career.

Amazing Cover Letters
Amazing Resume Creator
Secret Career Document

How to bring the concept of ‘investment’ into the life of a young person?
Make it a gift – if you have a teenage child, or want to encourage any young person to invest. Here’s a true story.

My boss has a friend whose daughter is also called Anna. On Anna’s 12th birthday, my boss bought her 100 shares of Esprit as a gift. Esprit was also listed in Hong Kong, so I copied his idea and bought some Esprit shares for my own birthday. In January 2004, the share price was HK$24.5 and today it closes at HK$120. While Anna is only 16 now, she already sees the power of investment and starts to make some trades on herself, though she hasn’t decided to make herself an investment banker.

Interest statement: Anna Maria D’Souza is not a current share holder of Esprit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi .nice blog.I am HR of a well-developing concern.I need to post jobs .can anybody suggest best way..
thank you............

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

I don't understand your question. Are you looking to recruit someone or are you looking for a job? This is a blog for IB young bankers, probably not an ideal resource for HR professionals, unless you are trying to recruit entry level bankers.