Monday, August 27, 2007

The Best Investment Banks – top MBA employers

Fortune has a poll picking the top 100 employers most desired by MBA students. For the interest of my readers, I’ve noticed that there are 16 investment banks on the list. Let’s see who these best investment banks are.

Fortune 2007 - 100 top MBA employers
3 Goldman Sachs
10 Bank of America
11 Citi
12 Morgan stanley
15 Lehman Brothers
19 Merrill Lynch
21 JPMorgan
38 Deutsche Bank
39 UBS
43 Fidelity
45 JPM Chase
46 Bear Stearn
47 Barclays Capital
55 Credit Suisse
72 Wachovia

Fortune 2007 - 100 top MBA employers – Full List & Methodology

Compare with Business Week’s poll of Best Places to Launch a Career, you’ll notice that Goldman Sachs has a high ranking in both polls. Citi being ranked as the Global Best Investment Bank by Global Finance, also enjoys high ranking in the MBA students’ poll.

I am sure you must want to dive into the career sites of these best investment banks and see if there are opportunities for yourself. Before we do so, we’ll look at another desired employer tomorrow.

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Best Investment Banks

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