Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best Investment Banks - in terms of career

Is the best investment bank the best place to launch your career? Obviously these are two separate issues. The best investment bank might not be the best place for YOU. Your interest, strength and expectations have to map with that of the employers. Therefore there are many criteria to consider while targeting your first full time employer.

As we are in the investment banking field, it won’t work against us if we know who the best players in the market are. So let’s talk about who are the best investment banks before we go on to talk about who are the best employers for graduates.

There are polls of all kind, such as 30 under 30 traders, 100 rising stars, top 10 employers and so on. Each year, various financial media run their own polls and many of them on investment banks. While Euromoney, AsiaMoney and some others only reveal their results to paid subscribers, Global Finance publishes its full list free of charge.

Global Finance’s 2007 Short List

Best Investment Bank: Citi
Best Equity Bank: Merrill Lynch
Best Debt Bank: Citi
Best M&A Bank: Goldman
Best Private Equity: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Best Investment Bank in Asia: Citi
Best Investment Bank in North America: Citi
Best Investment Bank in Western Europe: Deutsche Bank
Best Investment Bank in Latin America: Citi

Check Global Finance 2007 full list and their methodology

Quote from Global Finance
“We have identified the banks that the best companies choose to get things done,” said Global Finance publisher Joseph D. Giarraputo. “We’re not just picking the biggest; we’re choosing the best, based on profitability, financial strength, as well as quality of staff dedicated to investment banking.”

Hedge Fund
Euromoney rank Citadel the best hedge fund house in 2007. Global Finance does not rank hedge funds.


When you browse through different polls, you’ll notice similar names like Citi, Goldman, ML, KKR keep appearing. Obviously they are the top players in the market. We will continue to see if these best investment banks are the best places for graduates to start a career.

Best Investment Banks

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YF said...

Actually, Lehman was recently placed on top of the list of M&A advisory