Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Best Investment Banks – to launch a career

Best Places to Launch a Career
Business Week has a poll called BEST PLACES TO LAUNCH A CAREER. Of course it is not easy to determine who the best employers are for entry-level workers.

Methodologies & 2006 rankings

Best Investment Banks to Launch a Career
For the interest of my readers, I’m only interested to find out who are the best investment banks for entry-level bankers. Among the top 30, there are three investment banks, namely:

Rank 4: Goldman Sachs
2005 Entry Level Hires: 615
Average Pay: $55,000 and above

Rank 9: JPMorgan
2005 Entry Level Hires: 249
Average Pay: $55,000 and above

Rank 22: Lehman Brothers
2005 Entry Level Hires: 400
Average Pay: $55,000 and above

If you want to visit these best investment banks career sites, you can find them on the right hand side of this blog.

Tomorrow, we'll look at another best employers poll.

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Best Investment Banks

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