Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Become A Proprietary Trader

This is a high-risk job but one of the best paid in the world. See if I can lure you into this job.

You can’t be a prop trader direct from college. You need to spend about 10 years in the trading floor before you qualify for the job. But everything has a start, if you don’t start, you’ll never be there.

Let’s start with the trading room.

First of all, click the link here to gain an idea of a trading room set up.

OK, now you have an initial idea of how a trading room looks like. But those photos are only from a training trading room at Hofstra University. We shall look at a trading room in the real world in my next post.

No matter what kind of trade you are going to do, a trading room is where you need to spend most of your work hours. Do try to get a sense of feeling of working in such an environment.

I shall talk more about how to become a Proprietary Trader in my next post.

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