Friday, October 1, 2010

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in Beijing

What’s in common between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates? First, they are both super rich; second, they have donated, and will continue to donate and are encouraging other billionaires to donate their fortune.

Do the Chinese billionaires welcome the tycoon duo? Well, this is quite personal.

Their recent effort in Philanthropy has drawn the world’s attention. Do you know when did the two rich men first met and for how long? Bill thought he had nothing in common with Warren and scheduled only 30 minutes to meet him. After all, the meeting went on for 10 hours.

Down the road when you are an investment banker, you may make as much money as Warren does. How would you spend your money? Is he your role model? How much do you know about him? How old was Warren when he first invested? What are his advices to young people?

I have a short presentation which is in fact a summary of an interview on CNBC with Warren Buffet. It’s all about some interesting aspects of his life and how he first met Bill Gates. This was from 2008 so their recent Philanthropy campaign wasn’t included. But I’m sure you’ll find it insightful.

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Question: Does anyone know whether Warren’s family should spell with one t or two?

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