Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who is the best person to write your resume?

Well, this is simple. You are the best person to write your own resume. You know yourself the best, your strengths, your skills, your qualifications…However not everybody enjoy writing. While I’m doing resume critiques for my readers, one of them really impressed me. Apart from straightly following my guidelines, his resume was completely flawless and there was nothing needed a change. And yet that was a resume from an undergraduate. On the contrary, I have come across some senior bankers who are extremely good in doing business but unable to write a one-page resume for himself.

Seek Help from iBankers
As investment banking is highly competitive, no matter how good your writing skills are, you need help from industry experts to raise your interview chance. My blog is here to help. If you feel more comfortable to have an expert to go through your resume before submitting, you may want to hire a resume critique service. Whatever you want, please make sure the service provider is a qualified person. Check their websites and study their sample resumes and see if you are convinced. Ask for the resume writer's bio if possible, check if they are members of professional organizations such as CPRW or PARWCC. But that’s not enough. Investment bankers with the appropriate writing skills are the rare bred we should look for.

To write a perfect investment banking resume, you need someone with ibanking experiences and someone who had involved in the hiring process is even better. If I were to recommend one resume writing service for my blog readers, here is DreamResume.com. They are formed by a team of former Wall Street bankers who will work with you hand-in-hand until you are completely satisfied. They are charging market rates and my blog readers can even enjoy 10% discount. Read more.

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Skyline College said...

your blog is too good. Cool in looks informative in Material...Thanks For sharing Information with Us. .
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Lucinda said...

Hi, your blog is really helpful!
Can I ask you a question? I would appreciate your help.

I am a fresh graduate from a university in Hong Kong. I don't have internship experience in ibanking. However, I was an intern in China Development Bank this summer and I also worked as an intern journalist for FinanceAsia, a magazine focused on Asian financial market. I wonder whether I have a chance to enter the investment banking industry? What department do you think is more suitable for me?
Thank you very much!

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Hi Lucinda
ibanking intern experience is good, but your intern experience also sound interesting. It is difficult to say what suits you best, as it all depend on your interest and your dedication. Here is a link which may help. Try to finish the simple questionnaire and see what it says.