Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Investment Banking Salary 2010 – Asia Pacific

It’s bonus period again. So let’s talk about money and take a look at the outlook of investment banking salary 2010.

Investment banks have been moving their senior management into Asia, typically Hong Kong - HSBC, JPM and so on. The dynamic market of Asia offers great potential for people who want to make big money. If you are planning to move ahead to work in Asia, it’s time to take a look at the income potential here.

Analysts with three years of experience or less can expect to earn HK$500K-800K (US$64K-103K) for corporate finance and DCM, equity research could be slightly lower.

Among the financial hubs in Asia, which is your most preferred city to work in – Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai? In terms of income, Hong Kong is the most lucrative. In some cases, a position requiring similar experience, salary in Hong Kong might be up to 50% more than in Singapore.

Hudson has compiled a report comparing the income figures among the three cities - SALARY INFORMATION – ASIA – Banking & Financial Services – 2010. I have a copy of it. Email me at ibankingresumes(at)yahoo(dot)com with a headline ‘Investment Banking Salary 2010’, I’ll email you a copy.

NOTE: As of Q4 2010, I've closed this mailing service. We shall review IB salary early next year.

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Alex said...
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Chloe said...

What kind of candidates is the asia market look for? Do you think they will be interested in recent grad from a liberal arts background?

Chloe said...

What type of background of the candidates is Asia looking for? Are they interested in recent grad from us with a liberal arts education background?

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

IBs always want fresh graduates who are smart and talented. Liberal Arts is fine, but you need to tell why you are interested in IB.