Thursday, November 19, 2009

Investment Banking Classes


I just browsed this website with great interest. For those who are not yet hired, but want to pursue an investment banking career, you might want to check out the training classes offered by Investment Banking Institute.

Investment Banking Institute (IBI) employs 10 investment bankers who have worked for some of Wall Street's most respected firms, each having between 5 and 15 years of I-Banking and Private Equity or Hedge Fund expertise. Moreover, each of their bankers have, at some point in their careers, been an instrumental part of the training programs and hiring process in the banks they worked for. I've browsed their bios, and they are well qualified individuals.

· Investment Banking (Boutique, Mid-Market, and Bulge-Bracket)
· Private Equity
· Hedge Funds
· Equity Research (Buy-Side and Sell-Side)
· Asset Management

· Corporate Finance and Strategy
· Private Wealth Management

CLASS FORMAT: There are 8 sessions and each is 3.5 hours long for a total of 28 hours of in-class live training. Classes are available in 11 cities in the Americas and 4 in Europe.

What interests me most is one-on-one resume revision and mock interviews with industry professionals (including common interview questions) during and after course completion.

The Investment Banking Institute is registered with the CFA Institute as an Approved Provider of continuing education programs. This program is eligible for 24.5 CE credit hours as granted by the CFA Institute. If you are a CFA Institute member, CE credit for your attendance at this event will be automatically recorded in your CE Diary.

CLASS FEE: ?? I am unable to find out in the IBI website. You might have to email them and check it out.

Investment Banking Classes


Asian Kid A said...

interesting, but have they successfully placed people into investment banks?

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Good question. I haven't find that out. But they don't claim to be a recruitemnt agency.


Rich said...

last i checked w/ them, they cost ~$2000 per class.

jj said...

Hi Anna,

I'm from London and I'm planning to do this course. With regards to your article on IBI, please clarify my doubts.

1)On their website they claim they are affiliated to CFA Insitute as CE provider. But on the CFA website IBI mentioned is not mentioned atall. Why is that?

2) Do you have any futher reviews on IBI since this article that could help us get more inputs?

I really want to get some professional knowledge with regards to IB in London and I came accross IBI but now I'm confused about its legit?
Pls help

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Hi Dj
I think the best is to check with CFA directly. I understand IBI classes are quite expensive and that you should need more info before enrolling. Good luck.


Scott said...

My buddy recently took a long/short equity analyst course from Wall Street Insiders ( and he said it was awesome. He also took IBI and said that the Insider's course was much better. Its a smaller company, so much more hands on..also cheaper, I think $500.

Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Hi Scott

Thank you for sharing. Great to know.

sensitive said...

Working long working hours is not uncommon in this field. Prospective employers listed these job requirements in investment banking courses . Its fabulous working with it.