Monday, February 16, 2009

Intern Resume Critique

Have you wondered why I consider this as a good resume? It is good because the author is looking for his first intern job. You won’t expect PhD, MBA qualifications together with those Wall Street bulge bracket names on such intern resume.

Let’s call the author of this resume Henry. Henry’s resume has a professional layout. It is well organized and easy to read. Good enough to build a good first impression.

Henry doesn’t even have any commercial experience. However I could visualize from his resume a very energetic young person who participates in various activities and is willing to take up responsibilities in those activities. He also has achievements in what he does.

As I said, a bachelor degree is your basic key to set your feet into an investment bank. Of course if you come from a famous institute, you have a slight relative advantage. But this does not imply a sure win. Apart from qualifications, personality fit is an important factor. Henry managed to present himself as a team player which will earn him extra credits.

Scholarship is one of the most attractive factors on intern resumes. My market resources indicates that the MNC scholarship does exist but the amount Henry gets is rarely given, except to really outstanding students.

Anna Maria D’Souza’s Thoughts on Intern Resume Writing
You might have a long list of your goodies. Try not to list all of them. Consider the readers - What will generate their interest to interview you? Compose a ‘best list’ rather than a ‘long list’.

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