Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Investment Banking Resume Sample – Intern

My niece submitted a resume from her schoolmate for my critique. I found it a gem and would like to share with you. This is one the best intern resumes I have seen. Though everybody has a unique story, but if you manage to produce a resume like this, I’m sure investment banks would want to consider you as an intern candidate. Author of the resume has asked me to remove names to keep his privacy. Come back and see my resume critique in my next post.


One Line Address
(+321) 1234 5678 (mobile)

Sep 2007 - Present XXX University
Major: Quantitative Finance
Courses taken: Financial Management, Advanced Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Accounting
Expected Graduation Year: June 2011
1st year GPA: 3.36/4.00

Aug 2008 - Present Leadership Development Programme of XXX University
* One of 28 selected from 3,600 first and second year students
* Developed leadership and team building skills, practised presentation and communication skills, improved critical and logical thinking

Sep 2007 - Present XXX College Toastmaster Club
* Assumed the post of Treasurer in the Committee, making year plan and budget for the Club
* Organised regular club meetings and promotional activities
* Took on various roles as MC and giving speeches

Oct 2008 - Academic Cup of XXX University
* Learnt to effectively analyze cases and clearly present ideas
* Practised team building and working under time pressure

Jul 2008 - University of Overseas Summer Programme
* Learnt to communicate effectively with people from different cultures to complete tasks together and exchange ideas

Sep 2007 - Present - XXX Federation of Business Students Mentorship
* Coordinated regular meetings between mentor and mentees
* Learn about the financial industry through regular informal meetings with mentor

Dec 2007 - Information & Design Business Week
* Took charge of the Service and Information Counter, deploying more than 500 translators
* Coordinated work between 9 helpers
* Successfully answered enquiries and provided assistance to honoured guests

2007-2011 A Famous MNC Scholarship (value: $500,000)

* Proficient at Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel including Macro; Programming: Visual Basic
* Proficient spoken English and Chinese, effective writing skills

Investment Banking Intern Resume Sample
Amazing Cover Letter

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