Saturday, March 1, 2008

Investment Banking Resumes – First Anniversary

My blog has just turned one year old. Last March, I have executed my plan as to set up a blog to help young people to write a good and effective investment banking resume.

My blog experience is mostly encouraging, though some readers let me down.

At the beginning, I was answering investment banking career related questions. At a later stage, someone approached me for a free resume critique which I never advertised, but happy to do.

My first request was from a Stanford student. I was glad to see loyal readers like him sending me a resume which was strictly conformed to my guidelines, with outstanding layout and content. On the contrary, some upset me like contacting me day after day for an answer but didn’t care to send me a word of ‘thank you’ after my answering their questions. Likewise, some didn’t care to come back and say a word of ‘thank you’ after receiving my resume critique.

Some others with many years of experience also ask for my free resume critique, making excuse that they want to become an ibanker. However the way they wrote their resumes told me that they were not my blog readers but somehow wanted to take advantage of a free critique service.

Some even approached me as a career counselor, though they are in no way IB persons.

Although I welcome the opportunities to deal with young individuals who want to become ibankers, I also prefer to deal with those who appreciate my work.

Birthday Special
I have a presentation about some interesting aspects of the life of Warren Buffet who has donated $31 billion to charity. I want to exchange this presentation with my blog readers who will post a comment in my blog on one of the following topics:
- One of your IB interview experiences
- Your first IB experience

You don’t have to write long. Making it interesting and share your IB experience with other readers. Make sure to list your email address in the comment, so I can send you the presentation. If your article is long, let me know and I’ll make it a post in my blog for you.

Start Young – The Golden Rule of Starting An Investment Banking Career

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Inquisitor said...

Hi Anna - I've been following your blog for awhile and think this is a great idea. Here's a brief story from me...

One of my first interviews was actually for the private equity arm of a large investment bank my senior year of college. I didn't know much about finance and knew almost nothing about private equity, but got the the interview because of my language skills (this was for a position outside the US).

Well, I got to the interview and it was a complete disaster. I was late due to traffic AND the interviewer decided to conduct the whole thing in the other language... and I was not good enough to speak about finance-related terms, so I looked really bad.

Plus, I knew nothing about PE.

Nevertheless, I learned my lesson - I never claim language skills now unless I have native-level proficiency and I make sure I know what I'm getting into before going to an interview!

Also, Anna, I think our sites might benefit each other from a link exchange and could work together going forward... I run an investment banking career site as well, my email address is below:

and my site is

Looking forward to hearing from you!