Saturday, February 2, 2008

Successful Young Female Investment Banker - II

Many believe that the world of investment banking is dominated by men. Quite true to some extent, at least 80% of the population in my company’s database is men. However there are young female investment bankers who are doing exceptionally well. Today, I want to introduce Julie Chakraverty, who became a global head in about ten years of her investment banking career at UBS, along with many other achievements.

Julie Chakraverty joined UBS's fixed income research division in 1995. There she created her CreditDelta product, an award-winning portfolio management tool which calculates risk and return structures, widely used by fund managers.

Julie Chakraverty - Bio
1972 – born
1992 – Cambridge graduated, first in economics
1992 – JPMorgan, Derivatives Marketer, after completing a graduate training program
1995 – UBS - Fixed Income Research
2006 – UBS – Fixed Income Division - Managing Director, Global Head of Analytics & Connectivity and Client Coverage (the youngest managing director at UBS)
2006 – UBS – Board Member (the youngest board member)2006 – Management Today - '35 Women Under 35'

2007 – Financial News Rising Star
2007 – Runner Up (Financial Services) - Inaugural Women in the City

Julie Chakraverty’s Advice to Career Women
Well aware the City is often accused of gender-bias, Ms Chakraverty said she viewed UBS as a meritocracy. "My success here proves it's business challenges, not gender challenges, that matter." She offers three pieces of advice to ambitious career women: be your own role model, decide what differentiates you and maximise it, and "keep evolving".
Source: Telegraph

More about Julie Chakraverty

Thoughts from Anna Maria D’Souza
If you were a young female graduate who wants to kick off an investment banking career, will you consider UBS one of your top employers?

Are you set for an investment banking interview?
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