Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Resume Writing Skills – Tell Employers What They Want To Hear

The most important thing that an employer wants to know is how you can contribute and bring value to their business. When writing your resume, never write these:

Leading, motivating and evaluating team members
Forward analytical thinking
Strong networking and negotiation skills

If you write things like this, it’s just like you’ve written nothing. You just fill your resume with non-sense. I can’t reiterate more - you have to be precise and specific – and tell the employer what they want to know. A couple of strategies here.

Strategy One – Play With Numbers
Bankers are good at numbers. Play around with measurable figures.
Not specific: Involved in an award-winning TMT research team.
Specific: Key member of a TMT Research Team ranked number one by Euromoney in 2007 (third in 2006).

Strategy Two - Analyze What The Hiring Manager Wants To Hear
Emphasis results. Hiring managers want to know how you can add value to their business. One of my current MD candidates used to be a Credit Marketing Manager/Corporate Dealer. Here’s how he described his job.

Mr. Headhunter initiated, developed and managed a US$47 million portfolio of corporate clients. He increased loam volume by 18% and contributed to achieving 23% and 40% growth in branch non-funds and foreign exchange income respectively.

Thoughts on Resume Writing Skills From Anna Maria D’Souza
Never put up 20 bullet points listing all your daily duties. Always analyze the position you are applying for and what the hiring manager wants to hear from you.

Resume, Cover Letter & Interview – All In A Row

I just come across an article by Kevin Donlin, talking also about ‘Tell Employers What They Want To Hear’. It’s not investment banking focused, but the concept is just the same – apply the concept of ‘Tell Employers What They Want To Hear’ through out the process of cover letter writing, resume writing and interviewing - Enjoy reading.

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