Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do You Fancy Alternative Investment?

Citadel – Best Hedge Fund 2007
When you are looking for the best investment bank to work for, you must first of all find out what your strengths and interests are. If you fancy hedge fund and alternative investment, Citadel must be one of your top choices.

Careers at Citadel
Careers at Citadel have three major areas:

Investments and Trading
Quantitative Research
Information Technology

Entry-level positions are available in Chicago, its worldwide headquarters.

Citadel has a relatively simple website. Check its ‘Careers’ section and it is easy to find out information on training, internship and campus events.

What New Hires Have to Say About Citadel
Visit its website again and look for the ‘Our People’ section. You will find some young people talking about their lives at Citadel. Get a better understanding of their life style. Don’t forget that ‘A Day In The Life’ can’t represent a full picture – be prepared to work long hours, even on weekends, if you are devoted to an investment banking career.

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