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Retire Young Retire Rich - 30 Under 30 – Top Traders (21-30)

30 Under 30 - age as of September 2006

A continuation of traders who qualify to retire young and retire rich.

21. Jennifer Pomerantz, Sandell Asset Management, New York
Age: 26
Trades: Equities – energy, natural resources

22. Paul Redmond, Elite Derivatives, London
Age: 27
Trades: DAX futures

23. Scott Shleifer, Tiger Global Management, New York
Age: 29
Trades: Equities – emerging markets and technology

24. Josh Slavitt, BNP Paribas, New York
Age: 30
Trades: Equities derivatives

25. Paul Sohn, Kingdon Capital Management, New York
Age: 28
Trades: Equities – technology

26. Timothy Sykes, Cilantro Fund Partners, New York
Age: 25
Trades: Equities – small-cap; micro-cap

27. Andrew Warford, Maverick Capital, New York
Age: 29
Trades: Equities – technology

28. David Wertentheil, Carlin Financial, New York
Age: 27
Trades: Event-driven equity, spreads

29. Travis Williamson, DCF Capital, Greenwich, CT
Age: 27
Trades: Equities, options and fixed income - biotech

30. Benjamin Zorrilla, HLV Capital, New York
Age: 25
Trades: Equities

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Retire Young Retire Rich

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