Thursday, June 14, 2007

Retire Young Retire Rich - 30 Under 30 – Top Traders (11-20)

30 Under 30 - age as of September 2006

A continuation of traders who qualify to retire young and retire rich.

11. Simon Jones, Citigroup, New York
Age: 25
Trades: Spot forex – yen

12. Chris Lanigan, Ziff Brothers Investments, New York
Age: 29
Trades: Equities – energy

13. Cliff Larson III, The Cliff Larson Co., Minneapolis
Age: 27
Trades: Wheat

14. Austin Lewis, Lewis Asset Management, New York
Age: 30
Trades: Equities – micro-cap

15. Daniel Lirtzman, NYMEX, New York
Age: 30
Trades: Natural gas

16. Giles Macey, Mako Group, London
Age: 30
Trades: US Treasuries/futures and options

17. Kelvin Milgate, ABN AMRO, London
Age: 27
Trades: Carbon emissions

18. Adam Nadler, Sperling Enterprises, Boca Raton, FL
Age: 29
Trades: Equities

19. Marc Pasuco, XTF Market Making, New York
Age: 29
Trades: Energy ETFs

20. Darren Petterson, TransMarket Group, Chicago
Age: 30
Trades: Yield curve

21-30 - to be followed

Answer to my question yesterday: What is Bobl futures?
Contract (future) for an ideal type of Federal Government debenture bond with a nominal interest of 6 %, issued in the form of Federal Government debentures and Federal Treasury warrants with a residual term of 3.5 to 5 years. In other respects, the structure of the bobl future is similar to the Federal Government future. Source: Deutsche Bank

futures contract with medium term debt that is issued by the Federal Republic of Germany as its underlying asset. The contract has a notional contract value of 100,000 euros, with a term to maturity of 4.5 to five years. Unlike most other types of future contracts, BOBL future contracts tend to be settled by delivery. Source: Investopedia

Test of your investment knowledge: What is ETF?

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Retire Young Retire Rich

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