Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Wall Street Cover Letter

There is a highly viral investment banking cover letter this January.  I have clipped it to share with you. 

I am aware it is highly unusual for undergraduates from average universities like (BLOCKED) to intern at (BLOCKED), but nevertheless I was hoping you might make an exception. I am extremely interested in investment banking and would love nothing more than to learn under your tutelage. I have no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing. In all honesty, I just want to be around professionals in the industry and gain as much knowledge as I can.

I won't waste your time inflating my credentials, throwing around exaggerated job titles, or feeding you a line of crapp (sic) about how my past experiences and skill set align perfectly for an investment banking internship. The truth is I have no unbelievably special skills or genius eccentricities, but I do have a near perfect GPA and will work hard for you.

From a hungry student looking for an intern job at an investment bank, this cover letter has been named ‘the best cover letter’ by some readers.  There is lots of feedback from the internet with likes and dislikes.  While many candidates are doing everything to boast about their skills and experiences, this is certainly a very ‘refreshing’ approach.  My suggestion is, no matter what strategy you use, do spell check and avoid typos!  An attention to details is a basic requirement of any IB job. 

Unconventional humble approach may attract interviews.  But the interviewer may simply want to see how this ‘funny guy’ looks like rather than interviewing for hiring.  

I would say a professionally well written cover letter is an ever lasting winning tool.  Need help to write?  View this free cover letter video from Jimmy Sweeney’s Amazing Cover Letters.