Thursday, February 3, 2011

Investment Banking Cover Letter

There is one BIG secret in writing a compelling investment banking cover letter – keep it short. There are two reasons to do this. The less you write, the fewer mistakes you will make and the higher chance to attract the eyes of the hiring manager.

Bankers read a lot of cover letters and resumes daily. One strategy for them to look for their best candidates is to spot errors (even typos) on any cover letter and resume and send them to the ‘no’ folder. To overcome this, your strategy is to keep it short. If you’ve read my previous post on a 20-second cover letter and do it well, you are on the right track.

To help you write compelling messages in a short cover letter, I’ve a little bonus here for you. My friend, career expert Jimmy Sweeney, has just published his new e-book The Top 10 Secrets of The World’s Greatest Cover Letter. This e-book is not i-banking focused, however works across all industries and level of jobs. I’ve asked for his permission for my readers to have a free download. Even more, Jimmy also allows you to send his e-book to your friends or loved one as long as you do not alter the contents in any way.

As this free offer is only for a limited period, I suggest your downloading it NOW and start crafting your investment banking cover letter and get yourself busy in attending interviews.

For A Free Download, Click The Link Below

The Top 10 Secrets of The World’s Greatest Cover Letter