Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Investment Banking Career Overview

My free ebook has generated encouraging responds. Some readers asked me for additional reading material.

Here is a link for you to access WetFeet’s Investment Banking Overview.

WetFeet has also published a book called Careers in Investment Banking. If you are keen to start an IB career, might get this book for more indepth reading.

Product Description from Amazon

Careers in Investment Banking - In this Insider Guide, you’ll find plenty of research from WetFeet's experts to help you launch your I-banking career. Turn to this popular WetFeet Insider Guide to explore what investment banks really do-forget all the corporate PR. Industry trends and what they mean for today's job seekers. Industry performance and how the major players have fared in recent rankings. Profiles of the leading firms, including financial highlights. Opportunities in corporate finance, public finance, M&A, sales and trading, and research... ...and what people working in each of these areas actually do everyday, in plain English. What insiders consider the pluses and the minuses of an investment banking career, from lifestyle and culture to travel and hours (oh, the hours!). Interviewing tips from industry insiders and recruiters.

Investment Banking Career Overview

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