Friday, March 27, 2009

The Worst Cover Letter

A good cover letter won't guarantee success, but a bad cover letter will guarantee failure, such as this one:

To: Anna Maria D'Souza
Sent: Mon Jan 12 00:40:56 2009
Subject: Seeking for Jobs

Dear Anna
I am currently seeking jobs. Please find attached CV for your reference. Please feel free to call me at 1234-5678


You might not believe, but this is a true email which I received recently. I have decided not to include this candidate into our database.

Author of this cover letter is an analyst of over 10 years expereince. On the resume, his experience doesn't look bad. However, investment banking is a business which requires personality fit and as for analysts, above par English writing skills.

This particular cover letter reflects immature personality and poor writing skills. Though I always go for short - short cover letter, short resume, but please make sure not to write any cover letter as short as this one.

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Yong said...

Dear Anna,

I have been following your blog for a while now. Was just wondering whether it would be possible to contact you directly to drop in a resume and get some advice? I can be contacted at

Thanks and have a great day!


Anna Maria D'Souza said...

Hello Sung

Yes, you can. But to better utilise my limited resources, I will now only do it free for those who are still at college and without any full time job experience (intern not counted). Make sure your resume is conformed to my guidelines in this blog and in Word format. When you are done, drop me a line and I'll contact you.