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Investment Banking Resume – Value Added Elements

Your Geographic Location
International exposure is a value added element on your investment banking resume. Relocation/international travel happens a lot in the IB world. Tell your employer that you can and you have been working in various geographies is a definite asset. I notice some candidates are highly international ever since they were interns. When you start to write and build up your resume, make sure to keep a record of your work base and mark them on your resume.

Deal List
This is something you need to build up in order to enrich your future resume. If you are new in the market and your deal list is short, you can include it as part of your resume. However as your experience grow, attach it to your resume as a separate document. Be selective. Make sure to keep track of the deals you have significant participation and with reasonable quality. This will serve as a support document to prove your ability and experience.

Outstanding Achievements
Not everyone has this, but if you have, keep them on your resume. 'Outstanding' does not mean you were selected the best student of a certain university or the best employee of a certain company. However awards from open competitions or public examinations are. For example, you were one of the winners of Warren Buffet’s Award to Philanthropy and Young Leaders to 16 students in the USA; Again, be selective. Don’t make it too long a list. Make it attractive enough for you to stand out from your peers.

Resume Sample
Here a very good investment banking resume with plenty of value added elements in it. Go through it and I will analyze it.

Candidate Name
One line address telephone email

UBS – Hong Kong/New York – 07 to present
Associate - US$15 billion hedge fund affiliate of Texas Pacific Group
Job description

Morgan Stanley – New York, 2006 to 2007
Investment Banking Analyst – Leveraged Finance & Restructuring
Job description

Selected Transaction Experience
Redtree – Sole agent for the US$5 billion acquisition of Hutton Wire, in a US$4 billion pay-in-kind, bond, bridge and bank debt financing transaction, where the team also served as lead M&A advisor. Assessed the effects of multiple operating scenarios, integration costs variations and capital structure alternatives. Collaborated with clients and lenders to compose prospectuses and develop management, sales force and ratings agency presentations.

Grand Credit Singapore – Lead Book Runner for $750 million unsecured bonds to provide additional liquidity and fund upcoming maturities.

Goldman Sachs – New York, 2005
Business Planning – Summer Analyst, SEO Career Program Intern
Job description

American Express – Singapore, 2003
Intern – Travel Related Services and Private Banking
Job description

Name of University, City/country
Degree, major subjects
Dean’s List 2003, GPA 3.8/4.0, with Honors

Licensed, Series 6 and Series 63
Language: Fluent in Spanish
Awards: Warren Buffet’s Award to Philanthropy and Young Leaders to 16 students in the USA
bungee jumping, wreck diving

Anna Maria’s Thoughts on Value Added Elements
Author of this resume has cleverly embedded many value added elements in this resume which doesn’t take up too much space however brushing up his resume. At least it catches my eyes even it is quite a junior candidate. I would want to interview him definitely if I have a junior role. Come back and read the critique in my next post.

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