Monday, October 6, 2008

Analyst Resume – Writing Skills

Star analysts in investment banks are paid well. While some people move faster than others, you will normally move up to associate level after being a third year analyst. In ten years time, even you are at MD level, you are still referred to be an analyst, if your focus is still in research.

Many graduates start their IB career as an analyst. Let’s go through an analyst resume sample before we discuss its writing skills.

Analyst Resume Sample

Here is a resume extraction from an analyst who is now at MD level. This is how he described his research role while he was at Lehman Brothers some years ago.

LEHMAN BROTHERS - Tokyo, Japan, 2001

Principal Transactions Group, Global Commercial Real Estate Group, Investment Banking Division
* Co-authored the Taiwan and China Investment Memo evaluating LB Asia-Pac strategies in the non-performing loans/real estate markets

Fixed Income Quantitative Research, Capital Markets Fixed Income Division
* Constructed Japanese swaption forward/underlying matrices. Analysed swaption volatility to formulate forecasts models
* Modeled 10-year JGB price/yield using Principal Component Analysis and other econometrics tools

Risk Arbitrage Group
* Analysed risks and identified arbitrage opportunities in M&A activities within the global mining industry

Rotations: Fixed Income Derivatives, Hedge Fund Sales, Program Trading, Equity Sales, Equity Finance, Pharmaceutical Equity Research

ZYX SCIENTIC HOSPITAL – New York, USA, 1998 – 2000
Research Scientist, HLA/DNA Department

* Created DNA database to facilitate DNA identification/isolation/purification
* Devised biomolecular experiments for in-house and contract clinical projects

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