Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why is this best Sample Resume?

Yesterday I promised to tell you why I grade Henry Hunter's resume as a sample resume. To be honest, it is not easy, as there are lots of criteria to fulfil. Henry's is one of my most admired sample resumes throughout my eight-year investment banking headhunting life. These are the reasons.

Consider the reader: The reader of this resume is a headhunter or a hiring manager looking to hire a quantitative strategist. At the first glance, they want to find out what the candidate is doing, with who and for how long. At a prominent position, Henry laid out his strength and achievements, which encourages the hiring manager to continue reading. Remember, hiring managers at the investment banks are extremely busy, they spend on average 30 seconds reading a resume. If they have to surf through your resume to look for information, they’ll just choose to file yours and go on to the next.
Layout: Clean and tidy, easy to read.
Length: Just right, one page.
Education: Solid and unusually outstanding.
- Henry obtained dual bachelor degrees in 1993 at MIT.
- In the next four years, he obtained two master’s degrees - from famous institutes of MIT and INSEAD.
- In the following year, he qualified as a CFA. All his qualifications are highly desired by investment banks – computer science, management, finance, CPA.
Perfect job history: This is what I described as ‘off page criteria’ in the early stage of my blog.
- Henry spent a considerable amount of time with each of his employers. He is proven to be stable and at the same time aggressive.
- International vision. Henry has worked in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York – three among the four most important financial centres in the world.
- As hedge fund is the rising star in the field of investment, he is likely to be one of the most wanted strategiest/analyst in the market.

Exercise: writing your own sample resume:
Let’s date back to 1993 and assume you were Henry.
1. How would you write your resume?
2. How would you target a prospective employer?

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