Monday, May 14, 2007

Investment Banking Career – Entry Level Jobs V

Sales and Trading Jobs at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a great place to start a
sales and trading career. Let’s see the kind of entry level jobs available.

Morgan Stanley emphasis heavily on mentorship. Click on any of the profiles and you’ll see what people say about their work at MS. Choose those who are at
analyst or associate levels.

Quote from Morgan Stanley
Joining an organization like Morgan Stanley is a growing and learning experience.

The Firm has created a variety of programs for undergraduates and graduates, in areas from Information Technology to Private Wealth Management. It is through these programs you can learn about the industry and the Firm, or find a place to begin your career.

Sales & Trading Interview Questions
If you are interviewing for a sales & trading position, be prepared for a list of specialized questions. Here are the suggestions from Morgan Stanley:

Sales & Trading positions require you to think quickly and have a keen interest in the markets, a tolerance for risk and selling skills.

* Why Sales and Trading versus Investment Banking?
* Are you interested in Sales or Trading? Why?
* What does a Trader do? What does a Salesperson do?
* Do you want to sell or trade equity or debt instruments? Why?
* How do you measure success in your life?
* What makes you think you can sell?
* What about your personality will make you a good Trader?
* If interest rates rise, what happens to bond prices, and why?
Source: Morgan Stanley

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Test of Your Investment Knowledge
Hank Paulson used to be the CEO of which Wall Street bulge bracket, before becoming the Treasury Secretary of the US Government?

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Investment Banking Career

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