Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inside Investment Banking

Inside Investment Banking

If you want to break into investment banking but don’t have a degree from Harvard or an internship from Goldman Sachs, you should visit the website of Inside Investment Banking (IIB).

I find IIB interesting because it is created by 5 bulge bracket investment bankers whom all broke into investment banking in 2008/9 without Harvard or Goldman on their resumes. What made them successful was Preparation and Knowledge (as stated in their website). They spent 100s of hours of research so they knew more than any other candidates about writing resumes, answering banking interview questions, wining & dining bankers and basically how to game the IB recruiting system. And now you have the opportunity to get that same unfair advantage, since they’ve put together all of this knowledge in the IIB System.

Going through their website, you’ll be amazed that they’ll do almost anything to help you get a job in investment banking. Depends on your need, you can go a la carte to pick the services such as Top 50 Interview Q&As, Toughest Brainteasers, and the 6-in-1 Guide Pack is now on sale. Even more determined? You can join their membership and obtain all-round services and backup. I’ve contact them and obtained a discount of $100 if you decided to join their Premium Membership. Use discount code of ibankingresume when checking out. There is a 7-day refund guarantee.

If you decide not to buy anything, you should opt-in to access their Free 10-Part “Get into Investment Banking” Tutorial Series so that you will know more about how to land a job in investment banking than 90% of candidates.

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