Saturday, May 11, 2013

Investment Banking Resume Template

Basic Investment Banking Resume Template

Here’s couple of basic resume templates for your one-click download.


Right click the link, click 'save target as'.  Save it to your desk top and click 'open'.

The Junior version is for entry level roles. 

The Senior version is for 3+ years of experiences. 

Why are these Templates Important to Investment Banking Job Seekers ?
These templates are adopted from the resume format that I use to present to my clients.  I work in the top tier executive search business and I charge high fee in placing senior investment bankers.  These templates are used by a real headhunter and demonstrate a professional look and feel in the real world.

These are not just templates and are well written resume samples tailored for investment banking.  I have stuffed in some re-written contents from real persons.  Learn to write your resume the way I wrote it.  

Download the templates immediately and replace with your personal particulars.  

Why are these templates different from others that you found over the internet ?
Because those are not investment banking resume templates.  As for IB, we have our own culture of resume writing. 

A Few Things to Note 

  1. Please stick to the format as much as possible and replace content only.
  2. Don’t assume you should provide a long education/qualification list.  You may have a long list, but only include those that could help you win the interview/offer. 
  3. If you have a deal list, pick those most significant ones to include.  If you have deal lists on your resume, it would be acceptable if you go beyond one page.  Nevertheless, don’t make it longer than three pages. 

What if you don’t enjoy writing but in need of an impressive IB resume?
Well, in this case, you had no choice; get someone to write it for you.  But make sure to hire someone with ibanking experience.  IIB does not only write your resume, but has lots resources to help you break into investment banking.

Investment Banking Resume Template